We are Hyfen

Rooted in the pension sector, over the past few years, we created a home for ecosystems to flourish. We believe in shared infrastructure that allows companies to work together, without compromising user privacy.

What is hyfen?

Data and processes in most companies are organized in silos using legacy technology. Around us, we see this leading to costly processes, ineffective reconciliation and subpar customer experience. We build ecosystem infrastructure that enables up-to-date data and streamlined processes, while greatly reducing operating costs and maintaining the privacy of individual ecosystem partners.

With our approach, financial chains can become more coherent and made more simple. We take care of the scalable and modular platform, so you can focus on offering efficient and unique customer propositions.


Our first product is Mijnwaardeoverdracht.nl. Together with APG, Blue Sky Group, NN and PGGM as first partners we are launching a platform for pension value transfers. We’re welcoming other pension providers soon.

Currently, transferring your pension is slow and not user friendly (for both the user and pension fund). Using Mijnwaardeoverdracht.nl, the participant can start and finish their value transfer in minutes rather than months. This speed is possible through a direct connection with the pension funds’ systems. With this automated platform we can assist more than 10 million Dutch citizens!

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