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Let's accelerate the digital evolution of the Pension Ecosystem together

Bring together real-time data from the entire pension ecosystem to activate and inform your participants simply, efficiently, personally and always compliant.


Effortlessly leverage the latest digital capabilities and shorten the time-to-market of new customer journeys, services, and digital contact options.

Quickly and securely access data from dozens of pension partners, enhance participant experiences for every touchpoint and relieve your employees.

Easily introduce new customer journeys and digital solutions that by default comply with all Dutch and European laws and regulations.

Give participants a clear and relevant overview of their financial situation at any time and activate them with personalized communication.

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The PensionLink platform is the digital link that connects all partners within the pension ecosystem with efficient, real-time and fully compliant pension services and data exchange.


Hyfen develops PensionLink entirely in-house based on privacy and security by design principles, as a solid basis for fast and (cost) efficient digitization of customer journeys and contact moments.  

Innovative customer journeys and digital services

In a distinctive pension experience, each successive contact moment is of real added value for the participants. Hyfen makes this possible with innovative and compliant digital solutions


Our services


Merging pensions is often a months-long and unclear process for participants. A lot of communication takes place via forms that are sent by post. reduces that process to 10 minutes online.

Attestatie de Vita

Providing life certificates is experienced by many participants abroad as a cumbersome process. Improve the experience and satisfaction of participants by digitizing this process with the help of Attestatie de Vita.


Attitude and behavior play a major role in the choices participants make about their financial future. Use Fytter to give participants insight into their own financial fitness. Offer tailor-made decision guidance and information.


Together we make pensions simpler, more personal and more efficient. 

Hidde Terpoorten | CEO Hyfen

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