Connecting the Pension Industry on a

Secure and Efficient Platform

A secure digital environment in which you can exchange real-time data in a simple and compliant manner.


A platform that connects all parties in the pension sector: Pension funds, Insurers, Pension providers, Government authorities and end users.

A shared infrastructure in which organizations can collaborate, while protecting the privacy of each user. Prepared for the future and in line with the expectations of users.

That's Hyfen.

A Secure Platform

As a company in the pension sector, it is crucial that your technology and organization are future-proof. And that while processes surrounding pensions can be complicated: organizations and end users constantly need information from each other. The pension sector is a complex ecosystem in which everything and everyone is intertwined.


Hyfen has been specially developed to support this ecosystem and to simplify mutual communication and data exchange. The platform is compliant with relevant regulations and frameworks of regulators and pension funds. With our digital platform we make the transformation to the new pension system a lot easier for all parties.

Digital Processes

On our platform we digitize processes for you as a pension fund, insurer or pension administrator. Our digital retirement ecosystem keeps data safe and ready for real-time exchange. We offer a scalable and modular platform, so you can focus on delivering efficient and unique customer propositions.


In concrete terms, this means that we significantly reduce your administrative burden. This way you can serve your end users better and faster. It is clear to everyone how everything works. This takes all the pressure off your customer service. Moreover, you effortlessly comply with the privacy laws and regulations imposed by the government. 

Our Clients

Various parties have joined our platform. These pension companies have preceded you:

Our Mission

Making ecosystems work, for all parties

Hyfen's mission is to enable the entire pension ecosystem to communicate better, more efficiently and more securely. Hyfen is there for pension providers, pension funds, insurers and governments that want to provide end users with a better service.

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Our Ecosystem

Hyfen collaborates with organizations that are an authority in the realization of IT platforms and large-scale digital transformation processes, thus offering solutions for the financial sector at home and abroad: