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In-depth market knowledge combined with compliant solutions

Each market has its own unique challenges. Hyfen combines in-depth market knowledge with compliant software solutions that make the difference.



The new pension system involves many changes. Participants are given more freedom and choice, but also more responsibility and risk. How can you, as a pension provider, optimally guide, inform and activate participants in their pension choices? How can you collaborate with all parties in the pension ecosystem to improve services, innovate and save on costs? And how can you offer participants a great pension experience that matches their personal situation and wishes?

To ensure

As an insurer, you want to offer your customers the best service, but also respond to their changing needs and wishes. You want to offer new and personalized services that match the customer journey, life events and unique situation of each customer. But how do you do that without worrying about compliance, security and privacy? And how do you ensure that you can innovate and compete quickly and flexibly in the market?



Do you have an innovative idea or product that could turn the financial sector upside down? Do you want to surprise your customers with new and personalized solutions? But are you running into the wall of compliance, security and privacy? With Hyfen you can quickly and safely release your application into production as a SaaS application without having to worry about certifications, audits or documentation. Hyfen offers you a Compliant Cloud, a Compliance Wrapper and an Assurance Framework to ensure that your application fully meets the highest requirements. This allows you to offer innovation in highly regulated markets with a short time-to-market.

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