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Customer Journeys

No more worries about developing integrations, long implementation times, or lengthy compliance processes for customer journeys.

Leverage the benefits of the PensionLink Platform and leverage industry-co-developed and validated customer journeys, which are fully customizable for a differentiated customer experience.

Plug & Play

The customer journeys on the PensionLink platform have a short Time-To-Market and can be fully integrated into your own systems and portals.


Offer unique customer journeys in your own brand style and identity with the benefits of standard integrations and validated processes.

Compliant by design

Automatically comply with current and future regulations and legislation at both National and European level.

Extensive personalization to comply with the guideline choice guidance

Important principles in the development of customer journeys are that they always show information that is relevant to the participant and dynamically display the right information in the choice architecture. As a result, the participant gets a personalized experience and the customer journeys also give substance to the guideline choice guidance.

Our customer journeys are designed to help the participant find information as efficiently as possible, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the burden on the customer contact center. The personal situation of the participant is central to our customer journeys. Participants see concrete and current data that is tailored to their situation.

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At Hyfen we believe that a good customer journey starts with activating the participant. We want to enthuse the participant to delve deeper into his or her financial situation, moment of choice and/or future. We achieve this by addressing participants in a personal and relevant way.

The communication is tailor-made, via the participant's preferred channel (email, website or even WhatsApp) and in understandable and recognizable language (possibly also multilingual). Customer journeys are digital first, not digital only. It must be possible at any time for participants to contact a fund employee for support.


Where possible, we test the participant's financial fitness. We measure the extent to which the participant is aware of his or her situation, is able to independently understand his or her financial situation and understand the consequences of the choices. Based on the feedback, the customer journey is further personalized by adapting the choice architecture and guidance to the personal situation and fitness of the participant. For the right impact, information is also presented in layers.


Participants gain perspective for action within the customer journey. We show what the participant can do and what choices are available. Where possible, the consequences of the choices at a personal level are made clear. 

We also offer support for making choices, through explanations, contact or chatbots. Optionally, a coach can be offered to actively support the participant in the choices to be made.

We ensure that the participant can actually take action. The participant is not only informed or made to think, but can also take immediate action. The necessary underlying administrative processes at pension funds are then started and completed.

We make this possible with the PensionLink Platform: activation, personal information, choice guidance and direct digital processing in administration systems. Hyfen helps you to realize distinctive customer journeys.

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