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Way of Working

Compliance is part of the development process from day one

In order to meet the highest requirements in the field of Security, Privacy and Compliance, Hyfen has drawn up a distinctive working method.

Tech, Compliance & Business

At Hyfen we make a difference for our customers by using our 3 areas of expertise: Tech, Compliance and Business. In practice, our customers experience the benefits of this because we proactively contribute domain knowledge of the pension and financial sector. We have a great deal of experience in liaising with the regulators of the AFM and DNB and are happy to use this knowledge to make collaborations with our clients successful. Furthermore, our solutions meet the highest requirements in the areas of Compliance, Security and Privacy from day 1 of the development process. We combine Business and Compliance knowledge with in-depth technical knowledge in the Front-end, Back-end and Cloud areas.

Curious about what a collaboration looks like and how our teams work with you?

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Design phase

As the first step in the design phase, we focus on realizing a feasible and compliant design. We jointly organize ideation & requirements workshops. In the workshops the focus is not only on determining the target group, value proposition, business model and defining the technical specifications. We also immediately map out the required legislation and regulations. Important principles for the follow-up are:

Compliance by design​

Security by design

Privacy by design


At Hyfen we believe that by applying these components in the process from day 1, you can easily comply with all relevant laws and regulations, such as GDPR, DORA and Assurance Frameworks such as SOC 2. We use proven software architecture frameworks to make solutions scalable, modular and robust. We integrate the Hyfen Compliance Wrapper into our solutions to provide a set of tools and services that help you to be and stay compliant, such as identity management, data encryption, logging, auditing and reporting. As an important deliverable for the design phase, you can expect a blueprint from us in which all technical, operational and compliance aspects of the solution are recorded.

Build & Run phase

After fine-tuning the blueprint, we start developing the solution, often as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We work according to the agile method, where we work together as one team and deliver functionality in short sprints and continuously collect and process feedback. We ensure thorough documentation of the solution during the development phase, so that you always have insight into the functionalities, code and configuration. Hyfen develops software according to the 'Responsible Software' philosophy to make a positive impact on society.


Our solutions directly use the Hyfen Compliant Cloud platform. You will have access to an acceptance environment at an early stage to actively test the solution. When we move to the production phase, we apply a strict release management process. Extensive testing is carried out in both functional and security areas before we transfer applications to the production environment. We also do this with every update. We also regularly carry out vulnerability management and pentesting to ensure the security of our solutions and to detect and resolve any vulnerabilities.

As part of the collaboration, we always agree on a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Depending on the requirements, needs and impact, we make mutual agreements to guarantee that your solution is available, reliable and efficient. No worries about the continuity of your business operations.

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