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Hidde (CEO of Hyfen) visiting the Compliance Adviseert Podcast

Our CEO, Hidde Terpoorten, recently visited the Compliance Adviseert Podcast to share more about Hyfen’s origin story, our vision for customer journeys, and the role Hyfen plays as a market infrastructure in the pension sector.

Hidde enthusiastically engaged in conversation with Jeroen Broekema, discussing the role and impact of compliance in the pension industry. Topics included innovation in conjunction with the Assurance Frameworks ISAE3402 & SOC2, as well as the relevance of new European legislation such as DORA.

Listen to the Podcast (in Dutch) on your favorite platform:

About the Compliance Adviseert Podcast

The Compliance Adviseert Podcast has been around for four years, and over 100 episodes have been published on various podcast channels during that time. Over time, the podcast has become a well-known name among compliance professionals in the financial sector, and there is also significant interest in the podcast from a broader financial audience.

About Hidde Terpoorten

Hidde has a background as a Financial Engineer and, after more than 7 years at APG Risk & Compliance as an Innovation Lead, he started the spin-off company Hyfen. As the CEO of Hyfen, Hidde focuses on collaborating with the Pension Ecosystem to jointly develop integrated services. 


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