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Our story

Created to help the pension ecosystem

Hyfen was founded with the mission to jointly develop solutions with the pension ecosystem that help participants achieve a better financial future.


APG Growth Factory

Hyfen started in the APG Growth Factory with the ambition to make the pension ecosystem simpler and more efficient with new technology. From 10 teammembers at the spin-off in 2020 to more than 35 specialists in 2024. Together with our partners and customers, we are committed to taking the digital evolution of the pension ecosystem one step further every day. We believe in the power of connection and collaboration. You will experience this on our PensionLink platform and with the integrated customer journeys that we offer. With the combination of in-depth knowledge of the pension sector, our enterprise implementations of innovative technology and the creativity to pioneer within the compliance domain, we make a difference for our customers.


We are building digital infrastructure for the next generation with great ambition.

Collaboration with the pension ecosystem

The people in the Hyfen team share the ambition to improve the user experience within the financial sector every day. With extensive experience in the pension and insurance sector, our team members have brought several innovative (software) solutions to the market. A characteristic that we all share at Hyfen is that we like to work together. Both within the teams and with the other parties in the pension ecosystem such as the Pension Federation, PUOs, Funds, Insurers, Social Partners, AFM & DNB, Employers, Government, PPIs and Banks.


Our experience and working methods enable our customer journeys and services to fully meet the complex challenges and needs of our customers. The first innovative solution we developed based on this understanding is This solution reduces the previously often months-long merging of multiple pensions to just 10 minutes online. Our PensionLink platform will facilitate several innovative services and customer journeys in 2024 and we are far from finished.

New European legislation and the challenge to keep innovating

We see a trend in the Dutch pension sector, but also more broadly. Parties are becoming increasingly digitised and want to make use of new and innovative technologies. The underlying goal? Improve services for end users as well as make their own processes more efficient. At the same time, a huge wave of European legislation is coming onto the market. The new legislation will force all parties to monitor and manage internal and external processes even more closely. Hyfen takes on the challenge of bringing these two worlds together. Based on the possibilities offered by new legislation, we develop products and services that make use of data sharing based on upcoming FiDa legislation. In doing so, we deliver immediate value for our customers and provide end users with the best possible experience.


The world is changing faster and faster and being compliant with new European legislation is becoming increasingly challenging for organizations. With our ambition to make the pension sector simpler and more efficient through smart technology, we are increasing our impact every day.

How can we help you?

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