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A better pension experience, shorter time-to-market, lower costs.

The PensionLink platform is the digital link that connects all partners within the pension ecosystem with efficient, real-time, and always fully compliant data exchange.

Real time data

Gain access to real-time data through PensionLink's comprehensive integrations with all pension parties, administration systems and data sources.

Integrated customer journeys

Personalize customer journeys for participants through extensive integrations in your own portals and respond proactively to life events.

Security, Compliance and Privacy by Design

The PensionLink platform and all connections meet the highest requirements in terms of security, privacy and compliance.

Can be used modularly

The PensionLink platform is fully modular to offer tailor-made services and functionality. The different layers of the platform can be used as desired based on the requirements and available integrations. For example, use a complete solution such as or embed specific parts of customer journeys in your own systems and portals.


Hyfen develops appealing and user-friendly websites and applications. Customer journeys and services can be 'embedded' in your own websites and portals. Brand styles, colors and logos are automatically adjusted to provide a personal experience.


Integrations with pension administration systems facilitate real-time access to high-quality data. Data from multiple sources can be combined to provide relevant insights to participants and pension managers.



The PensionLink platform has a business layer to support processes and workflows in the business. This contains the (calculation) rules that ensure that the data from various integrations is converted to support customer journeys and the business rules on the side of the pension provider. The functionality is accessible via modern APIs so that it can also be used separately.

Compliant Cloud

No worries about compliance, privacy and security. The Hyfen Compliant Cloud ensures the continuity of Hyfen's customer journeys and services. Our engineers monitor the availability and performance of our services 24x7 so that participants always have a great user experience. The Compliant Cloud has ISAE3402 Type II and SOC2 Type II Assurance Reports.

About PensionLink

Optimal data flexibility

PensionLink can be integrated with all pension administration systems, in many cases it is even plug & play. The platform allows access to relevant real-time data at any time that is necessary to give participants a simple and complete personal overview of their financial situation. PensionLink also facilitates secure and efficient data sharing with other financial service providers.

Security, Compliance and Privacy by design

Hyfen develops the PensionLink platform entirely in-house according to security, compliance and privacy by design principles. All parts of the platform, the precisely recorded agreements, the internal and external procedures and the select group of suppliers and other partners are independently audited for ISAE 3402 Type II and SOC 2 Type II assurance. These are the most demanding frameworks within the financial sector.

Pension partners central

We develop the PensionLink platform in close collaboration with the Pension Ecosystem. As a result, the wishes and needs of our pension partners are always central to the development of new functionality, customer journeys and (data) services. Experts from our pension partners are actively involved in the development of new functionalities and possibilities.

Foundation for innovation

With our knowledge of the sector and innovative technology, Hyfen is continuously developing new customer journeys, services and touchpoints. We can connect these new options to PensionLink on a 'plug & play' basis, and integrate them into the own online environments of our pension partners. A better pension experience, at greatly reduced costs and time-to-market. If you have ideas for customer journeys, please contact us!

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