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Custom Compliant Software

Responsible software for regulated markets

Hyfen as a full-service software partner for financial organizations that need to meet high compliance requirements.

Compliant software

Compliance requirements are part of the development process from day 1 in the design phase. No worries about being able to comply with regulations and legislation.

Responsible software

Hyfen takes full ownership of the software. Solutions are developed for the long term, in a sustainable manner with quality documentation and no unnecessary data is collected.

Existing software

Hyfen's development team can manage, further develop and make your existing application(s) compliant.

Custom Compliant Software

About Custom Compliant Software

As 1 team

The Hyfen development team will become part of your Product or Project team. Together, we draw up roadmaps, set priorities and define sprints. Always the certainty that the business expertise, priorities and requirements are properly implemented in the software. 1 joint team in which Hyfen always connects the right expertise per phase.

Full-service software partner

Hyfen goes a few steps further than building software. We take full responsibility for realizing the required software; from the design phase to security, realization, further development and operational management. An extensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides the right securities and guarantees for use.

Responsible Software

Hyfen develops solutions based on the 'Responsible Software' philosophy. For example, we always investigate whether there are existing solutions that can be reused or adapted, documentation is not optional and solutions are always developed for the long term. We look critically at which user data should be kept and only what is necessary is stored. At Hyfen we apply the highest quality requirements for code and have it extensively tested for production releases.


The Hyfen Compliance Team will be involved in the design sprint from day one. They analyze which national or European regulations and legislation must be complied with and what impact this has on the software. A Compliant Blueprint is a standard part of our services and offers the certainty that the highest requirements can be met. For example, we inventory and audit all technological (sub)suppliers used in the areas of security, privacy and compliance.

Modernize existing software

We are happy to take on challenges to further develop existing software or make it compliant. We understand that processes and users need to remain well supported in the short term and we do not shy away from a challenge. In the short term we can offer certainty and immediately start the process of jointly developing a roadmap for the (near) future. We are also happy to add extra functionality to existing applications to make them fully compliant.

Compliant Cloud

Hyfen uses its Compliant Cloud to make software available. The in-house developed platform meets the highest requirements in terms of security, performance, scalability and availability. The Compliant Cloud has ISAE3402 Type II and SOC2 Type II Assurance Reports and provides 24x7 platform availability and associated management.

Why choose Hyfen as a partner?

Hyfen is more than a supplier of software solutions and our compliant cloud. Hyfen is your partner in creating value and providing great user experiences for your customers. By working with Hyfen, you benefit from the following benefits:


You'll shorten your time-to-market and reduce your compliance costs by leveraging a ready-to-use compliant cloud platform and a set of tools and services that help you stay compliant.


You'll increase your business focus and innovation power, because you can concentrate on developing your unique solution for the financial sector, while Hyfen takes care of the technical, operational and compliance aspects.​


You'll increase your customer satisfaction and trust because we jointly deliver a solution that is secure, privacy-friendly and compliant, and that meets the expectations and needs of your customers.

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