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Help your participants with their financial fitness

Participants do not base choices about their financial future solely on figures. With Fytter you provide and gain insight into attitude and behavior and you activate participants to get started with financial matters.

Choice guidance

Provide participants with the most appropriate support and information based on their financial fitness.

Next best action

Based on the personal fit score, a next best action is always offered that allows participants to continue working on their financial future.

Personalized customer journeys

Use participants' fit scores to further personalize customer journeys and offer tailor-made action perspectives.

About Fytter

Look beyond numbers and content

It's easy to focus only on numbers and content in financial services. In practice, attitude and behaviour appear to be at least as important when making important choices about the financial future. Fytter invites participants to examine their financial fitness and provides a fit score based on attitude and behavior.

Duty of care and care ambition

Fytter gives substance to the duty of care and care ambition for participants. It supports participant research and helps activate participants. Encourage your participants to get started with their financial future and investigate which participants would benefit from extra guidance or advice. Fytter can also be offered proactively at relevant life events to always provide a participant with up-to-date insight.

Scientific financial fit model

Fytter uses the Financial Fit model, which was validated by PWC and the Maastricht University on behalf of APG in 2021. The model consists of 57 questions divided into 4 main components, each with 4 sub-components. 


The main components can be completed separately and at the end of the component we immediately show the corresponding score divided into the 4 sub-components.

Fully integrate and personalize

Fytter can be fully embedded in your own systems and communication channels such as portals or websites. It is also possible to fully customize logos, color schemes and information to always offer a unique customer experience. The fit scores can also be used to personalize further services or customer journeys.

Main components:

  • Pension

  • Income and expenses

  • Assets and debts

  • Buffer and risks


  • Knowledge

  • Motivation

  • Behaviour

  • Financial situation

Always a Next Best Action

The fit score is the starting point, after a participant has gained insight into his or her fit score, a Next Best Action is shown which is fully configurable. Offer a consultation or redirect a participant to your own website with relevant information. Increase participant activation and facilitate a healthy financial future.

Modular and quickly deployable

Fytter is a Plug & Play service, complete as standard and can be deployed in a few days. Thanks to Fytter's proven model, it already offers a lot of value with a standard implementation with possibilities to configure additional modules and customization as desired. No lengthy implementation processes, but quickly financially fitter participants.

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