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Innovation and new services without compliance concerns

Offer new innovative and personalized services with a short time-to-market.


About Insurance

Converting customer journeys

Making a difference with online customer journeys as an insurer. Retaining customers is becoming increasingly challenging due to the low thresholds to switching between providers. Use innovative customer journeys to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and conversion. Every customer is unique and expects to quickly see information that is tailored to his or her personal situation. Leverage real-time data to enable personalization, drive interaction and activate customers. Personalized customer journeys that make the difference.

Compliance and cost challenges

The requirements in the field of Compliance, Security and Privacy are constantly increasing. This has a direct impact on working methods and operational costs. It is becoming increasingly challenging to provide distinctive services at competitive rates. Outsourcing processes to specialized partners offers great opportunities in terms of quality, risk reduction and economies of scale. Leverage proven solutions that meet the highest compliance requirements out of the box and personalized customer experiences with a short Time-to-Market.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Always offer customers the right product at the right time. The personal situation of customers is constantly changing and there are great opportunities to further bond with customers, especially around life events. Outdated information can cause noise when communication is not personalized and customers are not offered relevant communication and services. Use the right online tooling to better understand, inform and activate customers. Stay relevant at all times.

Custom Compliant Software

Make existing applications suitable for use in the insurance sector with Hyfen's Custom Compliant Software services. As a full-service software partner for financial organizations, we develop, manage and modernize software in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our Compliance Wrapper offers out-of-the-box certainty in the areas of regulations, legislation, security and privacy. A compliant starting point that enables extensive personalization and activation.

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