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Compliance, Privacy & Security by design

Helping our customers to meet the highest requirements in the field of National and European regulations and legislation is what we excel at.


Compliance features

Hyfen has ISAE3402 Type II & SOC2 Type II Assurance Reports, issued by PWC.

Hyfen is suitable for outsourcing critical services from De Nederlandsche Bank.

Hyfen helps you to be ready for the DORA.​

With Hyfen you are prepared for the AI act.

Together with Hyfen you implement eIDAS 2.0

At Hyfen you don't have to worry about Open Finance (FiDa)


About Compliance

In-house specialties

From the first day of establishment, Hyfen's core processes have been included in Assurance Frameworks. Continuous monitoring, automatic reporting and extensive audit trails enable Hyfen to efficiently and effectively meet the requirements in highly regulated markets. Hyfen's in-house Legal & Compliance team is continuously analysing upcoming rules and legislation at both national and European level. Through this way we can help our customers meet today's requirements, but also future legislation such as DORA, Open Finance and the AI act.


Hyfen has ISAE3402 Type II and SOC2 Type II Assurance Reports. Every year, PWC audits Hyfen's processes to provide our customers with an independent guarantee when it comes to business operations and IT processes. Upon request, we are happy to share our reports and are available to answer any questions.

Supplier Chain and Security Pentesting

Most software solutions in the market use a wide range of existing solutions and third-party vendors for functionality or monitoring. As part of our Compliant service, we investigate all suppliers in the chain in order to provide our guarantees in the field of Security and/or Privacy about the total solution that Hyfen offers. After completing the investigations, we monitor and report on the status of the outsourcing chain on a regular basis. In order to provide certainty in practice that the solutions that Hyfen develops are safe, we have our services tested periodically through so-called 'Penetration Tests'.

Ready for future legislation

Developments in European legislation are following each other in record succession. From the AI Act, to the DORA and even Open Finance; There are more and more directives, regulations and legislation for technological solutions. Hyfen's Compliance Team invests a lot of time in translating existing, but also new legislation into our own solutions and services to customers. This way we can offer the certainty that the services are always compliant and that customers can rely on Hyfen to provide the right expertise.

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