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Making an impact for participants with the entire pension ecosystem

Together we help participants have a healthy financial future in turbulent times.

Our market vision

Hyfen believes that the future of pension experience revolves around integrated services that feel 'barrier-free' for participants. This means that interaction with pension providers is always based on up-to-date information from various sources that is offered personalized in the participant's preferred style and channel. The participants will also expect the linking of activation, information, insight and action perspectives across service providers.

This future is being driven by European regulations in the field of digital innovation and (open) data that will be introduced in the coming years and also apply to the pension market. In addition, digital technology is being developed at such a rapid pace that it is an enormous expense for pension parties, where robustness and care are paramount, to switch between internal and external speeds.

We believe that with Hyfen, through our proven PensionLink platform and extensive experience in the field of technology and compliance, we can play an important role in the implementation of both new EU regulations and new technology. There are many opportunities in the field of integrating data sources, developing new pension services and using new technology such as AI to make pensions easier and more efficient. Collaboration with the pension ecosystem contributes to a healthy business case and better participant experience.


About Pension

Future Pensions Act

It is challenging to properly guide participants during the transition to the new pension system, to provide high-quality services and, above all, to communicate appropriately about the changes. At the same time, participants look at pensions from a different perspective and become more demanding in regard to user experience and guidance. The current situation demands the maximum from pension providers to make their services future-proof and at the same time innovate.

Choice guidance

In the new pension system, offering the right choice guidance is becoming more important than ever. Participants are given more freedom and choice, but they also run a greater risk. As a pension provider, you want to help participants make well-considered choices that match their personal situation and wishes. To apply choice guidance in practice, it is important to have a good picture of participants. Use an appropriate combination of online tooling and personal guidance to really make a difference for participants.

The pension ecosystem

In practice, many parties are involved in facilitating pension for the participant. From the Pensionfund to administrative organizations, insurers, banks, supervisors and organizations such as the Pension Federation. When all these parties work together integrally, a difference can be made for participants. With the Memorandum of Understanding, a first step has been taken by leading names in the pension sector to jointly share pension data. By sharing pension data, participants can be better informed, guided and activated in making choices that suit their personal situation and wishes.

Focus on the participant

The new pension system revolves more than ever around the participant. There are more options in terms of freedom of choice and customization. In order to implement this appropriately, it is very important to activate, inform and involve participants in their pension. This requires a proactive, customer-oriented and innovative attitude from the pension provider. Distinguish yourself as a pension provider and offer participants a great pension experience by offering truly tailor-made services.

Economies of scale through collaboration

The complexity of implementation and required communication with participants increases in the new pension system for pension providers. At the same time, there is a lot of focus on the costs per participant and as a pensionfund you want to offer the maximum to your participants. Work together with the entire sector to achieve more efficient pension administration, a better pension experience and cost savings through economies of scale. Use shared platforms and outsource non-critical processes to specialized partners.

PensionLink platform as the central pension link

Offer a great pension service during and after the transition with Hyfen's PensionLink platform. The extensive integrations with all pension partners make it possible to easily and securely use real-time data in all your services and customer journeys. Give participants a complete picture of their financial situation and support them at important life events. You can also easily add new functionalities, customer journeys and services to your online portal. PensionLink ensures that you always meet the strictest requirements in terms of security, privacy and compliance.

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