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Attestatie de Vita

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Completely digitize Proof of Life certificates

Process Proof of Life certificates completely digitally, from the invitation to verifying the identity and ultimately processing the result. Increase customer satisfaction, efficiency and reduce the risk of fraud.

User friendly

Increase customer satisfaction by using an easy-to-use app that verifies identity and proof of life with just a few actions.

Automatic processing

Successful verifications can be processed directly in the pension administration system. Avoid unnecessary administrative actions.

Reduced chance of fraud

The app verifies the identity based on an NFC chip in a valid passport or ID card. This immediately reduces the risk of fraud.

Attestatie de Vita

About Attestatie de Vita

Time-consuming process

In many cases, the process for a 'Proof of Life certificate' is a laborious paper process, for which the pensioner often has to pay a fee and sometimes also has to travel a long time to official authorities. In practice, many participants experience the process as an unpleasant extra burden.

Simple action

Thanks to the innovative Attestatie de Vita solution, the participant now only needs to download the app and scan the sent QR code. After scanning, the process of verifying the identity automatically starts.

Less susceptible to fraud

Employees no longer have to manually assess the sent documents or process them in the administration. The app reads the NFC chip from a passport or ID card and verifies the identity via the camera of the user's device.

Innovative digital solution

Hyfen offers a user-friendly app and functionality on the PensionLink platform to fully digitize the process. The platform can be integrated with all pension administration systems and can even easily be integrated into existing processes in a hybrid manner in the short term.

Automatic administration

This new control option also represents a major step forward for pension administrators. Thanks to the integration with PensionLink, both the creation of the QR codes and the administrative processing are fully automated.

Fully compliant

The entire process and the app used are included in Hyfen's ISAE3402 Type II and SOC2 Type II frameworks. The convenience of a fully digital solution without worries about Compliance and Security.

Hybrid possibilities

Every step in the Attestatie de Vita process at Hyfen can be carried out completely hybrid and can be integrated into existing processes. This way you can increase customer satisfaction in the short term without full integrations.

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