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Hyfen as a full-service software and cloud partner for regulated markets.

Hyfen has a broad portfolio of software and cloud solutions for financial markets.


The platform that makes pension simple, safe and personal.

The PensionLink platform is the central digital link that connects you and your pension partners with efficient, real-time and always fully compliant data exchange. Give participants a complete overview of their financial situation and offer guidance on important life events. Quickly and easily add new functionalities, customer journeys and services to your online portal. With PensionLink you continuously meet the highest standards in the field of security, privacy and compliance.

Distinctive customer journeys

With PensionLink you can use customer journeys, which have been developed together with the pension sector, and fully personalize them per pension provider and target group. Activate, inform and guide participants in their financial situation and choices, with real-time data and validated processes. All this without worries about integrations, implementations or compliance. PensionLink is the plug & play platform that offers participants a unique and personal experience.






Action perspective





Personal situation


Financial fitness


Choice guidance


Execution on one platform

Use to facilitate value transfers for participants

With, participants can easily transfer accrued pensions. Participants gain real-time insight into their personal situation and current pension accrual. After comparing quotes, the value transfer can be initiated directly with just a few clicks. Save time, costs and avoid errors through the automatic and integrated process. is the platform that helps participants make the best choice for their financial future.


A better participant experience with Attestatie de Vita

With Attestatie de Vita, you can fully digitally and automatically request and process Proof of Life certificates. Participants only need to download an app and scan a QR code. The identity is verified with a facial scan based on the NFC chip in the passport or ID card. Attestatie de Vita makes Proof of Life certificates a pleasant and efficient experience for both the executor and the participant.


Financially fit participants with the help of Fytter

With Fytter you give participants insight into their financial fitness based on a fit score. The fit score is based on a scientific model that measures attitude and behavior. Participants are activated to get started with their financial future through a next best action that matches their fit score. You can also use the results of the Fittest to offer personalized customer journeys. Fytter is a plug & play platform that you can fully integrate and personalize into your own systems and services.


Make your application suitable for the financial sector with the Hyfen Compliant Cloud

Meet the strictest requirements in terms of security and compliance that apply to the financial sector with our Compliant Cloud. Offer your application as a SaaS solution, with the benefits of cloud native technology, automatic updates and 24x7 support. You cam use the ISAE3402 Type II and SOC2 Type II reports that Hyfen has, and we help you to be prepared for the DORA legislation that will come into effect in 2025. The Compliant Cloud makes your application suitable for financial markets.


Compliant software for the financial sector

Rely on Hyfen to further develop, transform and make new or existing software compliant to meet the high security and compliance requirements in the financial sector. Hyfen works as one team with your team to design, develop and implement software that matches your specific expertise and needs. Hyfen also takes full responsibility for the management, security and optimization of the software, so that you can focus on your core business.

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