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Hyfen Empowers Rulers International Expansion with Compliant Cloud Services


We are thrilled to announce that Hyfen, a leading provider of compliant cloud services, has partnered with Ruler, a prominent Dutch fintech company, as a client of its Compliant Cloud solution. This strategic collaboration is set to revolutionize the way Ruler scales its fintech application internationally. By leveraging Hyfen's expertise in compliant cloud infrastructure and their commitment to developing robust software solutions, Ruler is poised to achieve growth and establish a strong presence in the EU RegTech market.

Boosting International Scaling

In its pursuit of international expansion, Ruler recognized the need for a trusted partner to provide compliant cloud services and expert support for creating a robust and scalable application. By selecting Hyfen's Compliant Cloud, Ruler has chosen a solution designed to address the challenges of scaling fintech applications across borders. Hyfen's extensive experience in compliant cloud infrastructure ensures that Ruler's application can seamlessly adapt to different regulatory frameworks, data privacy requirements, and industry-specific compliance standards in various countries.

Continued Development: Regulatory Change module

As part of this partnership, Hyfen will continue to support the development of Ruler's fintech application. The combined expertise of Hyfen's skilled professionals and Ruler's domain knowledge will foster innovation, delivering a solution that meets the evolving needs of the international fintech landscape.

Kicking off the partnership, Hyfen will deliver its first module in 2023. This ‘Regulatory Change’ module enables companies to efficiently capture, assess, and implement all new regulations in the ever-evolving EU regulatory landscape. By leveraging advanced technology and automation, Rulers regulatory change module will help financial organizations stay ahead of regulatory updates, mitigate risks, and ensure adherence to the latest standards. With this module, Ruler’s clients can confidently navigate the complex regulatory environment, saving time and resources while maintaining compliance excellence.

Ronald van Dijk, co-founder of Ruler: "To truly simplify the compliance process, we aim to make our software as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Hyfen's expertise in compliant cloud infrastructure and their track record in developing accessible software solutions perfectly aligns with our vision."
Van Dijk emphasizes Ruler's commitment to security, stating: "Security is of paramount importance to us. Hyfen's expertise in compliant cloud infrastructure ensures that Ruler can seamlessly adapt to different regulatory frameworks, data protection requirements, and industry-specific compliance standards across various countries."

Compliant Cloud Services: The Foundation of Success

Hyfen's Compliant Cloud provides the foundation for Ruler's international scaling efforts. With a strong focus on compliance, robust security controls, and tailored services, Hyfen ensures that Ruler's fintech application remains secure, regulatory compliant, and highly available in any targeted market. By leveraging Hyfen's infrastructure, Ruler can confidently expand its operations while meeting the stringent compliance standards of each jurisdiction, building trust with clients and stakeholders.

Hidde Terpoorten, CEO of Hyfen "We are honored to collaborate with Ruler and support their international scaling efforts with our Compliant Cloud services. At Hyfen, we are committed to providing secure and compliant cloud infrastructure tailored to the unique needs of the fintech industry. We are excited to contribute to Ruler’s growth by ensuring their fintech application remains compliant, secure, and highly available in international markets. Together, we will unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and set new benchmarks for the fintech ecosystem."


The partnership between Hyfen and Ruler marks a significant milestone in Ruler's journey towards international expansion. By becoming a client of Hyfen's Compliant Cloud, Ruler gains access to a reliable, secure, and compliant infrastructure, tailored to the unique needs of the fintech industry. With Hyfen's continued development support and expertise, Ruler's is positioned for success on a global scale. Together, Hyfen and Ruler are poised to drive innovation, capture new market opportunities, and revolutionize the fintech landscape with compliant cloud services that empower international growth.


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