This privacy statement applies to the website(s), products and services of Hyfen B.V. (from now on: Hyfen), unless a website, product or service explicitly uses its own privacy statement. This privacy statement therefore explicitly does not apply to the processing via, for which the privacy statement published there applies.‎

‎This statement explains how, for how long, why and on what basis Hyfen processes your personal data. It also explains what your rights are in case you do not agree with this or you want to know more about the processing of your data.‎

‎You can contact Hyfen via‎

Collection of data by Hyfen or on behalf of Hyfen by a third party

For the data processing under this privacy statement, Hyfen only collects personal data by obtaining it from you. However, Hyfen may sometimes use a third party for this gathering of your data. Therefore, when you provide personal data to Hyfen, your data could also be processed by a (sub)processor of Hyfen.

For what purpose and on what basis does Hyfen process your personal data?‎

Hyfen only processes personal data for the following purposes:‎

  • ‎To give you the ability to contact Hyfen.

  • ‎To gain insight into the public which is interested in Hyfen or an event organized by Hyfen.‎

  • ‎To be able to contact us for a specific purpose, such as requesting feedback about Hyfen’s products or performing events, such as webinars.‎

‎Hyfen bases these processing operations on your consent, the execution of an agreement or a legitimate interest. When you have signed an agreement with Hyfen, this is the ground for processing your data. Of course, if this is no longer necessary on the basis of the execution of the agreement, the processing of the data will stop. When you have given permission, we base our processing on your consent. Hyfen does not use any other data processing basis as a rule, but Hyfen may still process your personal data because it is necessary. Hyfen ensures that this only happens if Hyfen has a legitimate interest to do so.‎

‎What data is involved exactly?

  • Gender‎

  • First name‎

  • Surname

  • ‎Email address‎

  • Alias

  • ‎(mobile) telephone number‎

  • ‎Organization

  • Address information

‎Provision of data to third parties

Hyfen does not provide your data to third parties other than to (sub)processors that process your data on behalf of the processing described in this data processing declaration.

Storing your Data

Hyfen stores your data for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, or to comply with a legal obligation. After the purpose for which your data was collected is achieved and/or there are no more legal obligations for storage, Hyfen will delete your data as soon as possible. In this regard, deletion will always take place within the maximum period of 90 days.

Data Security

Hyfen respects your privacy and ensures that your personal data is treated confidentially and with the utmost care. When Hyfen uses a third party to collect your data, Hyfen contractually obliges that that third party to have sufficient organizational and technical security measures in place. When Hyfen stores your data itself, Hyfen ensures that these types of measures are adequately implemented.

‎Your rights with regard to your data‎

Right to access, correct or delete personal data, right of objection and restriction‎ of processing.

‎‎When requested to do so, Hyfen will provide you with insight into the data that Hyfen processes about you. You can also request to have your data corrected, supplemented or deleted. Furthermore, you can request to have the processing of your data restricted and/or object to the processing of your data by Hyfen. Hyfen will comply with these requests in and for so far Hyfen is obliged to do so by law. You can make any of the requests named here at any time and at no cost.

‎‎Right to data transfer‎

‎You can request that the data that Hyfen processes with your consent or in the context of the execution of your agreement with Hyfen, is transferred to another party by Hyfen. Hyfen will comply with this request in and for so far this is technically feasible and Hyfen is obliged to do so by law.


‎If you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, you can report this via You can also report your complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.‎


If you are under the age of 16 as a user, and you are provided terms of use (or a similar document), you need parental consent to accept these. In those types of cases, your rights and obligations as a minor are observed by your parents or guardian.


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Your personal data will be processed by Hyfen with the utmost care. Nevertheless, Hyfen may incorrectly process your data. Hyfen bears no liability for this if you provide incorrect data to Hyfen.‎

‎About this privacy statement‎

Hyfen reserves the right to change this privacy statement at a time that is appropriate for it.
This privacy statement was last updated on 21/01/2022.‎‎