What we Deliver

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On mijnwaardeoverdracht.nl, we make pension value transfers easier than it has ever been. Usually, the process of transferring pensions is complex and very lengthy. Our solution helps to transfer pension funds from one pension administrator to another with just a few clicks. On mijnwaardeoverdracht.nl we also present a clear online customer journey, showing end users exactly where they stand. This prevents a great deal of frustration and contacts with your customer service.


The result: end users have easy and secure access to all relevant information and can arrange their value transfer completely electronically and online. For you as a pension provider, this saves a lot of touch points. The paperwork for value transfer is also much simpler, especially where it concerns the transfer of large groups of end users.

Attestatie de Vita

End users abroad must submit a life certificate for their pension benefits every year. This serves to inform their pension administrator that they are still alive. It is a fairly laborious process. The end user submits papers to the local authorities, which are then checked, stamped and dispatched for a fee.



With Heartbeat, every end user abroad can submit the life certificate digitally, free of charge and securely. We offer your organisation a platform on which all information is clearly arranged. This provides an at-a-glance overview of who has and who has not submitted the life certificate yet. Arranging this online eliminates a lot of time-consuming paperwork. Heartbeat is also more secure than paper life certificates, as information on the end user is sent and saved securely.

Compliant Cloud

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Compliance and security are huge challenges when building a cloud platform for customers who process privacy-sensitive data. Hyfen's compliant cloud is intended for the highly regulated market of financial services. During development, we encountered issues related to ownership, access and security of data, control and security of the platform, and much more.


Global concerns about the security of cloud services have led to a myriad of laws, standards and regulations. There are European, national and regional regulations, which overlap to varying degrees. How do you build a cloud that complies with all those rules? And to what extent does that compliance limit the flexibility and value of your services?


We built the entire infrastructure ourselves. The entire platform conforms to SAE 3402 type 2. In addition, it complies with many other essential laws and regulations, such as the AVG, PSD2 and DORA.

Hyfen, for example, also complies with the procurement guidelines and the cloud risk assessmentof De Nederlandsche Bank. The privacy risk analyzes and measures on the platform apply to organizations in multiple sectors, such as the pension sector, banks and insurers.

With our cloud solutions for regulated markets, we take a lot of work off our customers' hands. The cloud is managed by experts who are aware of every new rule and development. And do you decide to create or move your own cloud? You can lift your service and the associated structures and architecture from our platform and take it with you. In this way we relieve everyone who wants to digitize further, from start-ups to large companies.