Introducing our new Hyfen Colleagues!

Today, we announce our new colleagues, Rachid & Arnoud.

Arnoud Bevers, Software Engineer at Hyfen:

Arnoud Bevers has started at Hyfen in early March 2021. He says that Karim, CTO of Hyfen, played an important role in his choice to work at Hyfen. In 2017, when he was looking for an internship at his previous employer for his studies in IT software engineering, he had an interview with Karim and was hired in the blockchain team. After that, when he was looking for a graduation internship, he bumped into Karim again at a Belgian company, where he was hired on a blockchain project in Leuven. Rachid Arredouani, our other new employee, was his internship supervisor at the time

Why did you chose to work at Hyfen?

“It started with a few good conversations with the management. After that, I had a chat with 2 team members where I could immediately hear how it all works at Hyfen. The way of working really appealed to me. The working atmosphere is quite different from that of a consultancy company. In a small company you have a completely different dynamic. You get a lot of responsibility and flexibility, but above all you get trust.

I also really enjoy doing business at Hyfen. I did a minor in Entrepreneurship and previously had a company myself, so I really enjoy working in a new company and making my own decisions.

Normally I always play it safe and I opt for certainty, this time I wanted to take a risk to join a new start-up. So far I do not regret this choice. I like the colleagues and there is a pleasant atmosphere, you immediately get responsibility and trust. I also think it is very important that quite some feedback is shared with me to help build up confidence in my work.”

Rachid Arredouani, Solution Architect at Hyfen:

Rachid started at Hyfen in April 2021. Just like Arnoud, Rachid also says that people he has worked with before played an important role in the choice to work at Hyfen. In 2017 Rachid did an internship at a consultancy company and evolved from Developer to Technical Analyst and then to Business Analyst. When Rachid heard that Hyfen had started with a group of people he already knew, applying at Hyfen was a logical next step for him.

Why did you chose to work at Hyfen?

“Because I was already familiar with the Hyfen projects when we were still working at APG, I also contributed to the project. So I already knew the people. In addition, I have always enjoyed working with Karim, because he works in almost the same way as I do. I was already familiar with working with a lot of flexibility and also the business processes. The choice was therefore made fairly quickly. I was settled in within a week. The switch from setting “corporate” to “start-up” was also something that I wanted to develop further in other areas.”

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