Jan Willem Hoitsma joins Hyfen as CCO

Updated: Jan 13

Jan Willem Hoitsma started in January as the Chief Client Officer of Hyfen. He has a long track record in life insurance and pensions in several management roles with different insurance companies. After his Marketing MBA he started as account manger at life insurance firm Equity & Law in the Hague. Via several product and account mangement roles at AXA, Generali and Aegon he joined Zwitserleven. First as responsible manager for marketing, later sales. His last role was heading the successful PPI Brand New Day. After this PPI was sold to a.s.r. and transitioned to a.s.r. pensions Jan Willem found himself ready for the next opportunity.

Why did you choose for Hyfen?

“I found out that working with innovative solutions aimed at superior customer journeys in the dynamic environment of a scale-up company gives me a lot of energy. Also managing growth for a company consisting of enthusiastic professionals and a clear mission to make things better for their clients is a real joy for me. This is something I experie

nced in my previous role and now found with Hyfen again.”

It attests to a exceptional vision and drive to launch and operate a safe and secure platform for the full pension ecosystem in the Netherlands. The commitments of launching partners APG, PGGM, NN and Blue Sky Group make for a robust basis for other pension organisations to join the platform. The already operational and the Hyfen solution for proof of life I already see great results for pension companies and their members.

By sharing the infrastructure of the compliant platform also costs for R&D, maintenance and operations can be greatly reduced. At the same time realizing a great customer experience due to real-time data exchange, modern communications and interactive processes. Also I believe that the Hyfen platform allows for a ‘ style’ connection for pension service companies with innovations coming from start- and scale ups. What’s better than to contribute to the pension industry in this way?

Everything together this results in a one plus one is three outcome. By collaboration the digital pension ecosystem is one step closer. This leads to better outcome for pension members because we can reduce the annual €1 billion cost of pension administration and at the same time improve customer happiness.

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